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Irving Dentist Dr. Kimberly Harper Believes Seniors Should Have Access to Dental Care too

Around 40 million people living in the United States are senior citizens that are above the age of 65 years old. At this age, dental care gets more important but it seems neglected at times. As we grow older, our teeth need special attention, but many seniors are not getting proper dental care.

Irving dentist, Dr Kimberly Harper believes it’s really necessary for people of all ages to have good dental health. Every person deserves quality and professional dental care, especially our seniors.

Reports show that one-fourth of people age 65 and older haven’t visited the dentist in the past five years.There are many factors that keep seniors from getting proper dental care including financial problems, improper cognitive skills, and fear of seeing a dentist, after not going for such a long period of time.

Professional dental care can help seniors prevent gum diseases, tooth loss, and many other problems. Without proper dental care, seniors can be experience pain, mobility, or infection; which can lead to chewing problems as well as changes in appearance and confidence.

Common Dental Conditions:

•    Dry mouth

•    Cavities

•    Oral Cancer

•    Periodontitis

Dr. Kimberly Harper, Irving dentist is proud to treat her patients of all age groups which include seniors as well. She accepts a variety of PPO Dental plans and offers a Dental Savings Plan that works well for seniors. The Dental Savings Plan is a membership plan that is similar to insurance but provides so much more. Our affordable plan includes:

•    2 Exams Per Year

•    2 Cleanings Per Year

•    Necessary X-rays

•    Huge discounts on major services

Check out our plan today at

Dr. Kimberly Harper DDS would love to take care of you and your family. Schedule your appointment today!