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How Irving Accelerated Orthodontics Treatment Would Help You!

We all know that orthodontic treatment can take a long time. For both teenagers and adults, the average treatment time can range from eighteen months to two-three years depending on the severity of the case. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that can help you to speed up your treatment. Read on to find out more....

Before we get to the acceleration tips, let’s discuss some of the many benefits of receiving professional orthodontic treatment versus the new DIY orthodontic treatments that are seen on social media. 

Some of the many benefits of receiving professional orthodontic treatment include:

·        A correct bite

·       A straight, gleaming and beautiful smile

·       Healthier teeth

·       Improved speech and chewing

·       Bonus results like increased confidence

·       Decreasing risk of cavities in future

Ways To Accelerate Treatment

As promised, here are 5 tips recommended by Dr. Kimberly, that could shorten your orthodontic treatment time.

1.    Stay away from hard and chewy foods

Consuming hard and chewy foods can lead to bending of wires and snapping off brackets. This will require an additional appointment to replace the wire and reapply the bracket. Ultimately, increasing your treatment time.

2.    Utilize your elastics

It’s very tempting to not wear your elastics as they can be uncomfortable. But, as per Dr. Kimberly for Orthodontics Irving Texas, these elastics are specifically designed to help you in improve your bite and should be worn as instructed by your dental provider. 

3.    Cut your food into smaller pieces

Cutting your food into bite-size pieces will help keep it from getting stuck in your brackets or bending the wire. Bite-size pieces can also help with digestion.

4.    Schedule your appointments regularly

Keep up with your monthly appointments. Missing just one can extend your treatment time by 30 days.

5.    Keep your teeth clean

A healthy mouth responds better to orthodontic treatment so keep your mouth clean by brushing and flossing daily.

For detailed knowledge regarding orthodontics for adults, get in touch with Irving Orthodontics Dentist, Dr. Kimberly. She will guide you in the perfect manner!