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Which Foods Are The Worst For Your Dental Health?

Summer is almost here! You may be making adjustments to your diet to get yourself back in shape and to work on your summer body. Your diet plays a significant role in maintaining energy and fitness and helps in keeping your body running efficiently and fighting disease.

But did you know that foods which are good for our health can also have an adverse effect our dental health?

According to best dentist, Dr. Kimberly Harper, there are a number of foods and beverages that can impact your teeth and gums by causing cavities or damaging your teeth.

So why should you care about what you eat and drink?

A poor diet can cause various dental problems which can lead to tooth decay and pain according to the American Dental Association (ADA).


Here is a list of the worst foods and drinks for your teeth:

•    Soda

•    Potato chips

•    Citrus

•    Pickles

•    Coffee

•    Sports drinks


Other foods and drinks to avoid

•    Alcohol (especially red wine)

•    Ice

•    Dried fruits

•    Chewy, sticky and hard candy

•    Crackers

•    Popcorn

•    Cough drops

•    Breath Mints

•    Corn on the cob

•    Tomatoes

•    Beets

•    Berries

•    Curry

Alternatives to these “not so good” foods and drinks

•    Dairy products

•    Green tea

•    Green and leafy vegetables

•    Foods with fluoride

Dr. Kimberly Harper, best dentist Irving helps her patients with the best diet to get a healthy and cavity-free mouth. Schedule your appointment today!